Booking a Pre-Puppy Lesson with Denise can be the best action you can take to ensure you and your companion get the best possible start to life together.

Pre-Puppy Lessons begin with a Home Visit to enable Denise to see your current set-up and the people dynamic and are usually followed by a Puppy Lesson after your arrival.

Denise will coach you through the highs and lows of new puppy ownership, guide you through the maze of equipment needed, answer the myriad of questions you may have and help set you on the pathway of good force free training.

She will also provide advice ranging from what to buy before you collect the pup, how to settle the pup in the first few weeks at home and what needs to be done to prepare your pup for the exposure to the real world in these first few precious weeks.

This is an excellent opportunity to get things right from the very get go of arrival, whether this be your first or umpteenth pup, there’s always something new to learn.

Pre-Puppy Lessons are approximately two hours and include the visit from Denise and a personalised training programme to work on.

What kind of training are you looking for?

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