Bouncing Furballs...

Is your dog pulling on the lead?

Jumping up at your visitors?

Barking all day?

Chewing everything in sight?

Upset when you approach his food bowl?

Are general household manners needed?

If the answer to any of the above is "yes", then we can help you and your dog!

Your individual needs will be catered to with our bespoke packages, so book below or contact us for advice if you're not sure what you need

Puppy Perfect!

Puppy Preparation Session

A one-hour session before your puppy even comes home,

Making sure you, and your family can get off to the perfect start together.


Perfect padding for people preparing for their puppy. 




Three one-hour sessions at your home.

One prep and two one-hour practical coaching sessions in the comfort of your home


Setting up for success from the start

Thinking about an addition to the family?

Recent studies show that over 50% of new dog owners in the UK discovered they were unprepared when they brought their new puppy home.

Help bring that percentage down and let Red Dog Training guide you through with one of our Puppy Packages.

Relax! Red Dog Training will be there to:

Help you find the breed that's right for you;

Advise on equipment, diet, toys, and how to avoid problems such as barking and chewing;

Show you how to puppy-proof the home

(and the family!);

Help you with toilet-training, socialisation,

preparing for the vet, and more;

Teach you and your puppy to love learning together;

Answer any and all questions you may have.

Because you and your puppy

deserve the best start.