Frequently Asked Questions

Are you outdoors

Yes, all year round unless it is very poor weather (horizontal sleet or thunderstorms) or too hot (above 240C).

My puppy isn't fully vaccinated, can I attend

If within a few days then yes, BUT, please notify us in advance as we will set up a covered tarpaulin area where you can carry your pup into class.

My dog is in season, can I attend

Yes...but we need to know ahead of time, however, be minded that during a season all bets may be off the cards when trying to train a seasoning brain.

Is there play allowed

When dogs are on leads it can lead to highly frustrating encounters (for them not us) and if this happens before class then they will take a longer time to settle. 

Why so much food

Food is something we don't need to teach a dog to like so it's an easy reinforcer to use for training. Equally, if they don't take food in classes it can indicate to us that the dog may be uncomfrotable with the environment.

Why no slip leads
This is because we know them to cause physical harm to dogs necks when they pull, best a flat collar and lead or even better a two point contact harness.

Harnesses make my dog pull

No, this is an urban myth that fails to take into account what is actually happening. your dog has simply learnt that pulling keeps them moving forwards. Harnesses merely protect necks whilst we teach them to walk nicely.