The Ethics of Red Dog Training

Red Dog Training puts the welfare of the dogs first and foremost at the heart of everything we do. We will not force you, nor expect your dog to be forced to, engage in activities we believe your dog to either not want to participate in or not be enjoying.

If we ask you to take a little time out, it will be for the dog's well-being and nothing more, and is most definitely nothing to be upset about.

We reserve the right to suggest that classes may not be best suited to your dog at the moment and may re-direct you to either private sessions or alternative classes.

All the qualified instructors, and indeed those in training, support the codes of conduct of their relevant qualifying organisations. These have been chosen to fit the ethos we aim to deliver: do no harm either emotionally or physically.

If you see anything untoward happening in class that the instructor hasn’t seen, we would appreciate you bringing it to our attention so that we may address the issue.

We reserve the right to ask you to leave if we deem your behaviour inappropriate, either by abusing your dog at any time or by upsetting other class members.

Bullying, racism or other antisocial behaviour will equally not be tolerated within classes. Support each other rather than criticise; we all (including the dogs) need a smile or a virtual pat on the back at times.