Red Dog Training Classes

Classes are immensely beneficial for dogs (and their owners!) of all breeds,

ages, and abilities. Two- and four-legged friends can strengthen their

bonds through learning to learn and communicate, enabling them to cope

with a multitude of real-world scenarios together.

Red Dog Training gives you and your dog the tools to build a lifetime

of co-operation and teamwork, showing that any dog can learn

a new trick or two.

Take a look at our range of classes and help your dogs reach their potential.


Covering the basics of "sit", "down", walking well plus "recall", and the start of loose-lead walking within the  context of real life scenarios in a small class environment.

Up to 6MONTHS at start.


The course develops on from puppy basics and adds a little more to real life experiences; sitting for visitors, moving through doorways, settling on a mat and many more.

Over 6MONTHS at start.