Kennel Club Good Citizen Awards

 The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Training Scheme

Red Dog Training is one of the growing number of dog training establishments in the country authorised to offer the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Training Scheme. The Scheme promotes responsible dog-ownership through a recognised standard of training for all ages, abilities, shapes and sizes, in a non-competitive and positive environment. Owners will learn how to train their dogs for a variety of everyday situations, whilst gaining understanding of their dogs, and helping their dogs to become well-mannered companions and Good Citizens.

The Scheme is divided into four tiers: Puppy Foundation; Bronze; Silver; and Gold. Dogs of any age may enroll in the Bronze Award and upon successful completion of the training and assessment may, if they wish, continue to the Silver Award, and so on to the Gold Award.

For puppies under 12 months of age there is the Puppy Foundation Award. Unlike Silver and Gold, it is not necessary to have completed Puppy in order to enroll as a Bronze student.

Upon completion of each tier you will have the opportunity to take the assessment. Those who pass will receive a certificate and a rosette. The assessment is optional, so if you don't feel ready (or simply don't wish) to take it, don't worry. Puppy Foundation is assessed by the course instructor; Bronze, Silver, and Gold by an independent KCGCDS examiner.

Work your Way to Gold with Red Dog Training.