Denise Armstrong

Denise Armstrong M.Sc.

- Owner of Red Dog Training -

- Head Trainer -

- Behaviourist -

- Canine First Aider -

- Human First Aider -

- Dog Body Language Instructor -


Denise is the Owner, Head Trainer, and all-round busy bee of Red Dog Training. As well as overseeing the development of course content and staff members, she teaches current classes and courses, and is also available for 1-2-1 training.

Driven by a desire to learn more and prove that not all Setters are mad, Denise embarked on her training career after initially seeking help with her first dog, Breagh, a Gordon Setter born to run. And run. And just keep on running... away, as far as the eye could see. Recall is now one of Denise's specialities!!

She began her journey by qualifying as a full member of the IMDT, before progressing further and attaining full membership of the APDT, PPG, and latterly VSPDT, after being honoured to mentor new trainers on behalf of the VSPDT Academy.

Having graduated from Prof. Jean Donaldson's prestigious Academy of Dog Trainers with a Certificate in Training and Counselling, she has continued the journey achieving an MSc  with (Distinction) in Clinical Animal Behaviour at the University of Lincoln, specialising in how emotions drive mis-behaviours.

She is now passionate about training with welfare and choice in mind to develop a well-rounded dog, from puppy, to adult, to helping owners resolve worrying behavioural problems.

And the boys who put the "red" in Red Dog Training:

Deanway Silver Lining a.k.a Billy


Aug 2007 - May 2019


Irish Red Setter

Claim to Fame:

Trained as an all-round Gun Dog

(since nobody told Denise she couldn't...).


All food, even peas!

Favourite hobby:

Shredding tennis balls.


Best trick:

Slam down.

Millcroft Frosty Moon a.k.a Charlie


 Nov 2010


Irish Red Setter

Claim to Fame:

Once appeared on "Who Let The Dogs Out?"

(eliminated at the first whiff of fox doo-doo).


Clicker training.

Favourite hobby:

Parading a ball on a rope.

Best trick:

Reverse circling.