Fiona Collings

Fiona Collings

Fiona is Red Dog Training's resident Agility Addict. She divides her time between running Agility classes and assisting in the Obedience classes, where she often dons her "Stand-in Trainer" hat.

She has seven years' worth of training experience thanks to her own two Westies, and five years ago admitted to having the "training bug" when she enrolled on a Puppy Instructor course. Wanting to gain some hands-on instructing experience, she contacted Red Dog Training and has been involved ever since.

In 2017 she qualified as an Approved Instructor with renowned organisation The Agility Club and, following this success, she went on to pass a Canine First Aid course.

She is a great believer in the partnership that can be created between dog and owner, and celebrates every achievement and achiever she sees, whether big or small, two-legged or four-legged. She loves too watching the growth of everyone who comes to Red Dog Training; from enrollment to graduation and beyond, the journey gives her "a great buzz"!

When she's not teaching, she finds time to bring both her dogs to classes. Paddy attends the Adult class on Thursdays, and Rosie runs Agility every Saturday.

Meet Fiona's pair of West Highland Terriers:

The unique floppy-eared and deaf Paddy, and the fabulous (and ever-inattentive) Rosie.


Age: 9

This gentleman loves attention and needs lots of cuddles, and always gets everyone smiling in class (he likes an audience while he's working!).


Age: 7

Loves attending afternoon Agility classes because she gets to clear up any treats left behind by the morning classes. And she doesn't mind popping round the course either.

Fiona says Rosie never misses a trick - whether or not that's a compliment is open to debate!