Natalie Walker

Natalie Walker

Natalie is the newest member of the Red Dog Training team. She is the invaluable left- and right-hand woman to the senior instructors, and is fast becoming an expert in her own right in coaching owners with their canine struggles on a 1-2-1 basis. She also works behind the scenes as the Primary Technical Support, and is the brains behind many of the new adventures in classes.

Her interest in dog training and behaviour was piqued after her Border Terrier, Gaspode, developed problems with other dogs and she contacted Red Dog Training for advice. They joined the original "Grumpy Group" in February 2017 where she instantly became fascinated by the way dogs perceive and react to the world. The idea of being able to help dogs and their owners in situations similar to hers lead to her expressing her interest to Denise and Gill, and she was thrilled to be asked to join the team at the start of 2018. An expert in difficult dogs, she has rapidly become an integral part of the team, and loves nothing better than having a challenging dog to work with. Her dedication to learning what makes our four-legged friends tick makes her an asset to the team. 

She is currently working towards her full APDT accreditation, having already passed with flying colours the difficult first part of the coaching journey.

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Favourite breed:

Always been the Irish Wolf Hound, but has a big soft spot for Border Terriers (obviously) and Golden Retrievers.

Gaspode the Wonder Dog


 12th May 2015


Border Terrier

Favourite trick:

Beg (once earned him a free sausage from a chip shop!), and High Five.

He loves his kitten, playing Puppy-in-the-Middle,

and sleeping in strange and uncomfortable-looking positions.

His trick repertoire has got him known locally as

"The Dancing Dog".