Currently only offered via in person packages where we will cover all the essentials and basics needed to help your relationship grow from solid foundations.


For dogs who are at the constantly challenging period in their lives; just as you get one thing right, another thing goes wrong.

Attend as a puppy follow-on class or new joiner or adult needing brushing up on skills. These classes are great for advancing training skills and enhancing your relationship with your dog.

In person sessions are available via email -


Get moving together with agility sessions.

Ever popular, these courses book up fast!

After the Beginner classes, where we make sure you and your dog are comfortable with the equipment, you will be invited to join one of the on-going classes where we take care to match dogs to existing groups. Booking for the follow on classes is only via the Agility Members page.


We offer classes tailored for THE most common issues owners face: Lead walking and coming back.

Offered on a monthly rotation, we deliver three sessions across three weeks focussing purely on the singular problem.

In person sessions are available via email -