The Grumpy Programme

The Grumpy Programme

~Created by Grumpies, for Grumpies~

"Reactive: acting in response to a situation rather than creating or controlling it."

This word is used more and more to describe all manner of dogs whose behaviours are not always considered acceptable. If this word has been applied to your dog, read on...

Our programme for upset, anti-social, neurotic, aggressive, nervous, confused, overexcited, anxious, frustrated dogs and the people who own them has many happy graduates and many more current participants. At present we are beginning a new course every four to six months.

We know from our own experiences that these are not issues that can be addressed in a six- or eight-week training programme. Having Grumpies ourselves led us to create The Grumpy Programme: a unique year long programme with monthly practical sessions aim to improve the quality of life for other Grumpies and their owners. It is a slow-progression course - all learning takes place at the dogs' pace – that gives you the time to practice and develop the skills we teach. Be assured that no pressure will be placed on you during the course, nor will any judgement be made of you or your dog at any time. We all understand what you are going through and we are all here to support each other.

During the course you will learn what to do, when to do it, and how to improve your and your dog's quality of life through training, guidance, and controlled real-life scenarios. The welfare and sanity of dogs and people is paramount so even though we will push you at times you  and your dog will never be put in a situation that is too much for either party to cope with.

This specialised programme aims to gradually change your dog's emotional response to the  thing (or things) he struggles to cope with, and you will both find you are able to relax and cope in situations that were once stressful. From our own Grumpies we know that this is not something that can be totally cured, but with carefully-tailored management strategies we can give your dog a new, brighter outlook on life.

You'll learn practical techniques for use in everyday life, gain an insight into the “whys” of  dog  behaviour, and recognise your dog's feelings about its current situation through its body language. A strong two-way communication will be created between your dog and you, and the resulting mutual understanding will lead you both to a happier, calmer future.

So if you think The Grumpy Programme is what you are looking for, or would like more  information, please send an email using the link below.

Thank you.



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